Creative Writing Prompt 15: Don Quixote And Dulcinea

Look at the inspirational picture and find plenty of story ideas for your creative writing!


The inspirational picture of today is about ballet, Don Quixote and his true love Dulcinea/Aldonza.

Thinking about ballet, maybe your heroine is the prima ballerina, who's just found out that she's pregnant. What now, if she doesn't want to lose her job? Or, while Don Q and his girl keep twirling on stage, your protagonist's knee daringly touches the knee of his love interest. Might they even kiss tonight?

Maybe your hero has to save the day because there's a dangerous killer somewhere inside the fully booked opera house - and the Queen sits peacefully on the Royal balcony, suspecting no evil...

Also a character like Aldonza is truly inspiring because, although she's just a plain girl, she turns into beautiful Dulcinea in the eyes of the man who loves her. Does she realise that he only loves a dreamed-up version of herself?


Happy writing! smile emoticon

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