Creative Writing Prompt 55: Eggspiration awaits

Look at the inspirational picture and find plenty of story ideas for your creative writing!


What an impressive eggshell tower, but who used all these eggs, and why? Ideas that spring to mind range from protein crazy hunks like the famous Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast" to the London chef, who needs to cook an omelette for fussy Hercule Poirot. A girl putting masses of egg yolk in her hair, so that it is soft and shiny for the upcoming rendezvous with Mr Right, or a hopeful future widow trying to get her deadly eggnog mixture just right.


Maybe you see something rather symbolic in this picture. Each individual eggshell so fragile, but stacked together, they form a strong structure - unless there's a rotten egg somewhere in between. Now that's a great idea for a story...


Happy writing!

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