Making the Difference - Chapter One

Making the Difference - Chapter One

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    Geoff Parkes (Englang Books) (Saturday, 17 November 2018 18:58)

    Good opening, which has the potential to draw readers in.
    There's one glaring spelling mistake!
    Desert = sandy wasteland,e.g. the Sahara.
    Dessert = what follows the main course, e.g. apple pie and custard.
    Contact me if you need a proofreader:

    Best of luck with your publications.

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    Bettina von Cossel (Sunday, 18 November 2018 01:41)

    Geoff, you’re wonderful, thank you very much! Of course it should be dessert, and we’ll change it straight away!
    Do we know each other from Swanwick? Your name sounds rather familiar.
    Kind regards,