Creative Writing Prompt 57: Cosy evening

Looking at this picture, I can almost hear the crackling sound of the fire and smell the aromatic aroma of pine cones and wood wafting through the room. What a perfect setting for a glass of wine in the company of the man of your heroine's dreams. How does he look like - dark curls with blue eyes and a sexy dimple or blonde with a five o'clock beard? Chinos and blazer or jeans and sweater? Maybe a dog to his feet?


Have they been out and about in the countryside and now relax at home, or is this a cosy corner in the hotel bar? Are they already an item or are they still learning to get to know each other? Maybe she's the owner of the vineyard and he her worst competitor, who falls deeply in love with her. Does he say something wrong, so that the evening doesn't end as planned? Will the cosy atmosphere relax them both, so that they bury their feud? 


Only you know the answer. Happy writing! 

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