Creative Writing Prompt 58: Miaow!

Cute cat, isn't it, but who's the owner? It could be the wicked witch or your beautiful heroine. It might be an elderly lady, who secretly spies on her neighbours, or it could be the grumpy shopkeeper with the yellow teeth. 


Don't forget about the cat itself. It might be a bewitched fairy or a wizard's alter ego. What has the cat seen? Has it witnessed a murder, maybe, or the secret kisses of the married manager with his secretary? Is the cat your detective that solves the crime, or does it get bricked into the wall like in Edgar Allan Poe's story?


There's a lot of superstition around cats. If a black cat crosses someone's path, we think that this will bring bad luck. Can you use superstition in your novel to lead the reader on the wrong track?


Happy writing!