Is your manuscript in need of a guardian angel?

We're a traditional publishing house, and you won't have to pay anything if we publish your book. But maybe you don't want to publish with us, or maybe you're well aware that you still need help before you can even think of submitting your manuscript to a publisher.


If you're not sure about your text, our (payable) editorial services may be just the help you need.


You have a great idea for a novel, but is your plot really strong enough?

What about the main characters and the conflict they're facing?

Does your first chapter draw the reader into the story?

What about your writing in general?


If you need sound advice on plot, first chapter and writing style before self-publishing or submitting your manuscript to anyone, our Editorial Guardian Angel is happy to help. You will receive an honest appraisal of your submission and sound advice about the necessary steps you should take to improve your chances of publishing success. This service costs £120.

Do you need a professional appraisal?

If you have written a romance novel and would like an appraisal of your manuscript, we're happy to help. This service costs £200 basic fee + £5 per 1,000 words.


This is what you should send to our Editorial Guardian Angel:

  • A detailed description of your plot, from the very beginning to the very end (about 2-4 pages, as a guideline). Ideally, also let us know what will happen in each chapter and from whose perspective each chapter will be seen.
  • Detailed information about your main characters.
  • Your first chapter (around 5,000 words) in case you need advice on plot and first chapter alone.

  • The whole manuscript (ideally not more than 50,000 - 70,000 words) if you want a manuscript appraisal.


Please send everything by email. We can accept Word document(s) only, no PDF or print-outs please. Each page should be numbered and double-spaced with a wide border on the right hand side and a header/footer that clearly shows your name and the working title of your novel.


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