Could your novel be a bestseller?

Before submitting your manuscript, you probably want to know what kind of publisher we are and whether you need to pay anything for our services. 

Relax. We are a traditional publishing house where money only ever flows in one direction, from the publisher to the author. No need to pay for editing and proofreading, cover design or similar services.

You also don't need to buy any books from us.


We'll edit your novel, we'll find a great cover and, once it's published, we'll do our best to let the world know about it. 


Our books are available as eBooks and print on demand versions on Amazon.

How to submit

Please submit manuscripts online (Word document) to:
Your manuscript must be finished. The text should be double-spaced and between 50.000 and 70.000 words long. Why not ask a friend to proofread your text before submission, just to be on the safe side?
Please also submit a cover letter and a synopsis (about 2 pages long). A synopsis is the summary of your novel and it should tell us the whole story, including the end. We LOVE happy ever afters and aren't looking for bad or open endings.

What we're looking for

Your story should be about your hero and your heroine. It's okay to have a few other characters in the book, but too many people confuse the reader. So please try to stick to HIM and HER and their love, passion, and misunderstandings.
We advise you to read the romance novels we've already published to see what kind of stories we love. We are currently looking for contemporary romances, ideally set in Europe.

Good luck with your submission!


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